It is over...
And we had a blast, despite it being 10 below fucking cold everybody survived "The Furry Countdown" and we made it safely to the new year. (Not despite some piece of fireworks desperate attempt to kill at least one of us). We had fun, the cleaning is done, the aftermath is just trying to fight the exhausting experience of organizing it. Everything ran smoothly except for the heating and we had a blast. A special thanks goes out, once again, to the people aiding us with this event: In no particular order:
Shay for his story hour and helping us generally everywhere where needed, and make some of the finest Chicken Teriyaki (Spelling?) I've tasted in a long time.
Nikoshi for helping with the lights, cleaning and everything else he has done.
Tiggy and McPooch for an awesome display of fireworks.
Troetel Koala for looking pretty and helping where needed.
Wikke for cooking the Flipping Bitches and helping in the kitchen.
Djem for bringing the turn tables, more light and a huge ass Space Invader Arcade game, (Some people thought it was the light table, boy were they wrong!).
LupyFur for the sound system, it was a nice set and the sound was good!
Starbound for the pancakes. ^.^
Panzer for his stand up comedy show after Shay's story hour (Hell even we didn't know this would happen).
WhiteShadowFox for helping out cleaning afterwards.
And off course everyone who I've forgotten, you've all worked hard with us to make this thing succeed helping here and there, gathering wood for the fire, keeping the fire burning, although with this extreme cold this counts as an act of self preservation, nevertheless... A special thanks also goes out to my buddies, Storm, o kill and Kaelin with whom I have organized this thing from start to finish, you guys were awesome!

For The Furry Countdown News this was Tsanawo.
And I'd like to close off with thanking you all for attending, and making it feel like we achieved something.
And remember, we survived 10 below fucking cold, and there is nothing anyone can do to take away that feeling.
I hope to see you all next year, and have a great two thousand and nine.

Hello again, time for another update. We're currently booked out. We've reached the maximum capacaty of 30 people and had to put a stop on the registrations. However it is possible that someone can't come, so just in case send us an email to get on the stand by list. We'll maintain a first come first serve model. However planning is coming along nicely. We've visited the location to check it out and we were rather satisfied to see the location. Unfortuanatly we also have some less fun news, the city of Geel didn't supply us with a permit to fire carbide. We've tried everything we could to get the permit... To compansate we'll fire away a lot of fireworks. We'll that is it for now. We're currently planning logistics and an email to send to you all with the final information you need to know. Also we've set up a forum for ride sharing and information exchange, if you feel like it register and participate.

The furry countdown crew.

Hello and welcome to the website of "The Furry Countdown". What is The Furry Countdown you might wonder? The Furry Countdown is a new years event that will be held from the 30th of December 2008 till the 1st of January 2009. On this event we will celebrate the coming of the new year with friends from all over Europe. The event will be help in a bivouac located near the small town of Geel in Belgium.

This website is here to inform you about the event. We are currently in the process of planning so the website will be updated as we get more information about events. If you would like to help with something or know something that would be cool to do and you would like to organize it, please feel free to contact us. Just mail to info@thisdomain.

On behalf of The Furry Countdown team,